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Long Distance Love

Do Long Distance Relationships Work or is it a myth

Loving You Far AwayToday, it’s accepted that we don’t need to meet people in person to start a relationship with them. We can find business partners, employees or suppliers online and we can cooperate with them without any problem by only using Skype and other modern communication avenues.

This is also valid for relationships and romance. We date people online and we can grow fond of each other without actually meeting in person. Surely, we have to meet in real life at some point to validate our feelings, but when two partners live on different sides of the world, it may be difficult to spend each and every weekend together.

This situation may also occur when one of the two partners, in a couple, has to move to a far away city for work or for study. This means they won’t be able to come home every evening to their partner, as they used to before. Some people think there’s nothing wrong with being miles away from your romantic partner, as long as you have love for him or her in your soul.

However, the big question is this: do long distance relationships really work?

The answer is that it depends. It depends on the two partners and on their relationship before being physically separated. If they used to share a home for many years and if the situation is only temporary, the two partners are going to be fine and the relationship is going to last.

However, if the couple’s relationship was new and there may not have been enough time to grow fond of each other, to develop that deep love which replaces the ‘in love’ stage of relationships, then problems may arise. When the two partners maintain the contact only via technology, they may be good for a while, but real life is soon going to kick in, making at least one of them drift apart from the relationship. We are all human beings, with our needs and desires, with our challenges and temptations and not everyone is strong enough to resist. Some become victims of their lust, others choose to quit the long distance relationship for logical reasons, while others fight for their relationship and keep it alive even when there are two continents between them.

Each couple is unique, so it’s not easy to answer whether a long distance relationship is a good idea. You can’t know until you try it yourself.

Healthy Loving Relationships

3 Tips To Keeping Your Relationship Healthy

Loving Couple Talking To Each Other

If you are currently in a relationship and you are not sure where you stand, you might want to consider using strategies that can help you improve what you have. Sometimes a bad relationship is simply the result of not paying enough attention to the people that you love and by taking the time to just listen to what they have to say, it can mean all the difference in the world. However, it can be much more than that, requiring people to go a step further in order to rekindle what was once there. Here are some tips on what you can do to ensure that your relationship is as healthy as possible.

Spending Time Together

One of the easiest ways to make sure that a relationship is stable and always growing is to spend time together every day. Unless you are working quite a bit, where the time that you spend together is limited for a specific reason, you need to make time if you haven’t done this already. This means going on walks, sitting and talking with each other, or planning a special day where you do something fun. It is only through spending time with one another that you can ensure that your relationship is going to last, a tip that almost everyone can do.

Do Something Special

Loving Couple At PicnicSometimes it’s not enough to simply just do something together. You need to do something that is exceptional. This means that you need to plan a special dinner, go to a movie, or create a romantic day out in the park so that the other person sees you care. When you spend this much time making a special day, they will regard this as an attempt on your part to make the relationship stronger. They will also believe that you still love them, or at least like them, when you actually spend the time creating a day that both of you will remember.

Learn To Listen

Although we have mentioned that it is important to listen to other people, it’s much more than simply listening to what they say. You need to think about what it is that they are conveying with their words, and sometimes even their body language, to truly get to know the other person. Words can sometimes be confusing and re-clarification is often necessary. You want to make sure that you understand exactly what they are saying, what they want, and what they really mean so that there will be no crossed signals in your relationship.

These simple tips are easy enough to follow, but are hard to implement if you have never done them before. If your relationship is not very strong at the moment, then you should consider trying one of these, see where it goes and then improve upon the results as you go along. As long as you are trying, the other person will definitely see that you are attempting to do something special with them, and it will make your relationship stronger than ever. Try these tips and see how you can easily make your relationship with your significant other stronger than before.

Phone Chat Can Lead To Love

Romancing Using The TELEPHONE

Finding Romance On Adult Chat Services

Modern technology gives partners who are miles apart a great opportunity to find and continue a romance. The only device you needs is a phone. This article looks at how you can interact and have romantic fun, using just the phone.

Having Romantic Conversations

Having a great conversation with your partner is important. It gives you the opportunity to tell them what you like and also compliment them. To make the romance successful, point out specific features you think are unique to him or her. In the conversation you can focus on the following:

Complimenting their personality – tell your partner something that can warm their hearts, something positive to make them feel good. Phrases such as “I love hearing your voice’’, “you always excite me’’ can complement their personality. Describe to them, what their voice does for you. Get to know what type of things they like doing and if they are really good at a particular skill.

Making Future Plans

The phone gives you an opportunity to plan dates, especially if you know that you will be together at some point.  Talk about places you would love to visit when you are together. Talk about both local and exotic adventures. In this way, you could plan:

A dream vacation to places you would love to visit, the foods you’d like to eat and point out anything at all that you would love to do together.

How you could spend each day together, how you may snuggle up on the couch and sensual things you could do when you are together.

What you intend to do tonight. This is important, since it helps to ramp up the sexual tension. Ensure that you give the details of what you plan to do.

One mistake that most people make is to forget to talk about the great times they had together. If you want to sound romantic and be successful over the phone, it is necessary that you talk about the great times you’ve spent together. If you have been on a date that you think is great, you need to talk about it and remind your partner about exciting things you did.  Remind them about things that happened the first time you met. Also, do not forget to reminisce about the great things you did the last time you spent a night together.

All said, it is important that you make the romance real. This can be done by sending a few texts and keeping your partner up to date with what you have been doing. But be sure to understand your partner well. There are those who will be happy to read a hundred plus texts and those who prefer just a few brief messages.

Knowing When To Leave A Relationship

There’s No Obligation To Stay In An Unhappy Relationship


Unhappy RelationshipsRelationships are difficult. Two people have to learn to be vulnerable with each other and at the same time have to also accept that sometimes they’re going to get hurt and they’ll have to forgive that. Relationships aren’t made any easier by the fact that humans are very good at lying to themselves about what’s going on.

This is why so many people wind up staying in a relationship that makes them unhappy. They come up with a dozen and a half reasons why it really makes sense to be with their partner. They come up with any number of reasons why they really are happy, why their relationship really is working. Yet the fact remains, they’re not happy, and it’s obvious to those around them.

This is a difficult position to be in, because sometimes there really are reasons to avoid breaking up. If you’ve moved in with your partner, you may have possessions and finances tied up together. That makes it especially difficult to untangle yourself from the relationship. It’s possible you even have children together and so you’ll have to deal with your partner whether you break up or not. In that situation, you may tell yourself that it doesn’t matter at all.

But it does matter. When you have an unhappy relationship weighing you down, it affects everything else in your life. It’s harder to interact with people, because you’re devoting so much energy to a relationship that’s not working. It becomes harder to get things done, because you’re simply out of energy.

Still, it’s important to not make the mistake that a difficult relationship is an unhappy one. Relationships take work, after all. If you’re unhappy because your partner isn’t meeting some ideal relationship that exists only in your head, you may want to consider whether or not you’re being realistic. The relationships where two partners seem to be able to understand and meet each others’ needs without any prompting, didn’t get that way over night. They got that way because the two partners put a great deal of work and communication into that relationship.

Essentially, if you can’t see yourself putting in the work to make the relationship function, then it’s not a good relationship. And in that case, you should feel free to break it off. You’ll be much happier being able to devote your energy to relationships that actually make you happy and leave you satisfied.

True Love Or Infatuation

Real Romantic Relationships Versus Wishful Thinking


Real Love

As much as we don’t want to admit it, popular media is absolutely horrible at teaching anything about how a real relationship works. Even in movies and books that are specifically called ‘romance’ or everlasting love, the romance is, at best, silly. At worst, it can sometimes come off as creepy or abusive.

Given that, it’s no wonder some people have an unhealthy or unrealistic view of what a relationship is supposed to be. Many people have the idea that when you meet ‘the one’, everything will fall into place and you’ll be able to make the relationship work with the power of love. That’s not even remotely true. The real truth is that a relationship, any relationship, requires work. You and your partner have to communicate about your needs and desires. You can never presume your partner will know what you want if you haven’t told them.

It’s a nice fantasy to think that your lover will be able to just pick up on your needs and provide for them. Unfortunately, that’s exactly all it is, a fantasy. Your partner can’t know something if you haven’t told them. Not only that, but there’s often a learning curve. If your partner is willing to do something for you, but they’re not used to doing it, it may take them a while to get in the habit of doing it at all. It’s not that they’re unwilling, but expecting them to figure out how to meet your needs perfectly, the very first time they try, is unrealistic. No one learns everything, immediately.

Like Or LoveIt’s also important to understand that people are still human. It’s difficult to imagine that your partner might be off giving attention to someone else. But the simple truth is that a relationship is built on trust. If you can’t trust that your partner is off with a friend and is not going to break the agreements of the relationship, then it’s probably better to not be in a relationship with them. You may be right, and they can’t be trusted. You may be wrong, and you’re simply being paranoid. Either way, if you can’t have that trust, the relationship is doomed to fail.

These are just some of the many ways a real relationship is not like a fantasy relationship. Real relationships take work, communication, and understanding. They don’t just happen magically, and no one falls deeply in love over one grand gesture.